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Nail Art Techniques

Nail art Baltimore MD has become one of the most popular ways for women to make their nails attractive and gorgeous. Many women prefer to use various kinds of materials to make their nails stylish. Our nail art designer Baltimore is using various nail art techniques to create impressive nail art designs Baltimore.

Here are some techniques used in nail art Baltimore MD:

Painting with a Brush

Just like any other painting, our nail art designer uses various brushes that are suitable for the design chosen by the client. We use different types of brushes such as flat, angled, line, dotting, detail, and more to create beautiful patterns on nails. The client chooses a design, and our nail technician will give the perfect strokes to achieve the design.


Our nail technician will apply a base color, then cut the tape into smaller pieces and apply these to the nails. The tapes will help the technician to create perfect simple patterns on the nails. The small pieces of tapes are applied to areas that are to be left in the base color itself. Then, the next coat of color is applied to the area where there is no tape. Lastly, our nail technician will remove the tape gently.


For drizzling paint on nails, airbrush machines are used. Our nail technician uses airbrush machines that are combined with stickers or stencils to achieve the desired look. A base coat is applied to the client’s nails, then the stencil will be allocated to the nail, and the airbrush will be used to paint the design. The nail tech will then slightly remove the stencil and use acetone to take out the paint if there is a split.

Sponge Bobbing

To achieve gradient and achromatic designs on nails, our nail technician will use the sponge bobbing technique. The sponge will cr sprinkled and bespattered finishing effects which have become some of the popular looks preferred by women. We use different kinds of sponges to achieve the effect that the client wants. Our nail technician will apply the base coat and let it dry. Then, use a sponge with nail polish will be applied to the nails to create the design desired by the client.

Stickers and Decals

To embellish your nails gorgeously, we utilize art stickers and decals. We have an array of stickers and decals so that clients have many options and designs to choose from. The client can be creative and imaginative in choosing their design and allow our nail art designer Baltimore to draw unique patterns on the nails. Clients may also add jewels, tattoos, and glitters to add style statements to their nail art.

Water Marble

One of the most popular nail art techniques is the water marble nails. This technique involves dropping nail veneers into clear water and creating a pattern on the water surface. Then, the pattern is deported to the nails. With the help of our nail technician, water marble nails can be unique and beautiful as they can make more designs from them.

At Baltimore Nail Salon, we have nail technicians and nail art designers who are experts in nail art Baltimore MD. They are trained and have experience achieving various nail art designs using different techniques, from using a paintbrush to airbrush and water marble. They can also achieve your desired nail look using more techniques, aside from the ones mentioned above. We make sure that you will be satisfied with our services and your nails look.

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