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Must-Try Manicures

Women usually choose a manicure that looks best for them. But they also have to consider how to maintain this specific manicure. Before you go to your favorite nail salon and choose a type of manicure, think about whether you are fine with spending more than an hour with your nail technician every couple of weeks or you prefer changing your nail color whenever you want.

To help you choose which type of manicure is ideal for your look and lifestyle, our professional manicure Baltimore MD has recommended some popular manicure that is best for you.

Basic Manicure

If you are going to have your first manicure, you should get a basic manicure. This is an ideal option if you want a quick fix for your nails. This type of manicure is simple, fuss-free, and quick. It usually includes trimming, shaping, filing, and buffing your nails, dealing with your cuticles, including trimming and a cuticle oil treatment, and a hand massage. You may choose to apply nail polish or not.

A basic manicure may cost between $10 and $40. This manicure can last for few days.

Gel Manicure

For a stylish and low-maintenance option for nails, gel manicures are the best choice. Gel manicure Baltimore does not require a frequent visit to nail salons for manicure sessions. This type of manicure Baltimore MD utilizes a special nail polish cured under UV light to make it last longer.

Gel manicure starts with basic manicure steps, which include cleaning, trimming, buffing, getting rid of cuticles, and applying a base coat. After this, two coats of special gel polish are applied to your nails. Your fingers will be exposed to UV light to dry the nail polish, which will take a few minutes.

Nail technicians and experts advise not to peel the gel nail off by yourself. Instead, see a nail technician to remove your hard gel to avoid damage to the nail. Gel nails may cost between $20 and $65.

French Manicure

For a chic and stylish manicure, a french manicure is the most recommended. Give your nails a crisp look with crescent moon-like coats of white nail polish on the edges. You may also use a different color for your french manicure Baltimore to experiment with your nail looks.

A nail technician will paint your nail light pink or beige and then color the tip of your nail pure white nail polish. This type of manicure goes perfectly well with anything.

Shellac Manicure

If you are too lazy to go to your nail salon regularly, you should try a shellac manicure. Shellac manicure is a blend of both gel and regular nail polish, which means it applies like a nail polish but is tough like a gel. This manicure is known for its durability, so you do not have to get manicure more often.

The nail technician will clean, file, and shape your nails. Then, two coats of shellac nail polish are applied to your nails, and each coat is dried using a drier. Lastly, a topcoat will be applied to your nails. Shellac manicure will make your nails stronger, unlike gel manicure, and can last about two weeks.

For women, your nails are essential to enhance your looks and boost your confidence. Choose the right manicure that is perfect for your look and lifestyle. Our nail technicians in Baltimore Nail Salon are experts in manicure Baltimore MD, and they can help you choose the best manicure for you.

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