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What Is Callus

Callus is the hard part of your skin that is caused by friction. They are usually found in our feet and our fingers. Callus are very unsightly. It destroys the appearance and smoothness of our skin. Callus Removal Baltimore will bring back the smoothness of your skin. Our experts will handle your skin with care and remove those calluses and make your skin wonderful again. You do not need to worry about anything because we have vast knowledge and a lot of experience to remove calluses, so you can just relax while we do the job for you.

It is effortless to identify calluses. Once you have any of the following symptoms, it is much better to see Callus Treatment Baltimore immediately:

  • There is a thick, rough area part in your skin

  • There is a hard bump

  • There is tenderness or pain beneath the skin

  • Flaky, dry, or waxy skin

Taking these symptoms for granted may result in some complications and end up seeing a doctor because unremoved calluses may cause injury. It is much better to have them removed as soon as possible.

The Usual Causes

Friction results in calluses in our skin and the usual culprits are when you wear tight shoes. Wearing tight shoes provides too much friction. Our feet need a little space to move inside the shoes. We have to make sure that our feet are very comfortable inside. Another cause is not wearing socks. Socks add protection inside the shoes. Some shoes that are hard for our heels or toes; wearing socks can keep our feet comfortable. Playing musical instruments is also one of the common causes; any instruments you have to use your fingers or hands also give calluses as there would be too much friction because of repeated pressure. One way to avoid this is by wearing padded gloves when playing instruments.

Home Remedy

Callus Removal Baltimore has experts in removing calluses. We will provide the basic ways to take care of your skin and the common remedies that you can do at home to keep that healthy, smooth skin; you mare refer to the list below:

  • Soak the part where the callus is for five to ten minutes in warm water until the callus softens.

  • File the callus with a Pumice Stone gently and in a circular motion to remove the dead skin. Just soak the stone in warm water before filing the callus.

  • Do not take off too much skin as it may result in bleeding or infection.

  • Apply moisturizing lotion or cream in the affected area every day. We recommend any lotion with the following ingredients: salicylic acid, ammonium lactate, or urea, as these ingredients can help your calluses soften.

  • To prevent your calluses from having further irritation, use some padding (moleskin); it is available at your local drugstore. Put them in the affected area to prevent it from getting more friction.

  • Wear the right shoes for the activity and the comfortable size. Get the exact size of your feet, or better yet, try the specific model you will buy before purchasing it to see that the shoes are comfortable. Do not wear office leather shoes for very active sports or activities, and it would cause too much friction.

  • Ensure that your toenails are trimmed regularly. Your toenails can push your feet up while wearing shoes, and this could cause friction and develop into a callus.

After trying any of these ways, see Foot Scrub Baltimore immediately as we have different techniques that would indeed remove those calluses away from your skin.

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Calluses ruin the smoothness of our skin, so have them removed immediately with Callus Removal Baltimore. Contact us and set an appointment to have your skin smooth again.

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